Pro Hoops Playoff Bracket Challenge

Cash Grand Prize
Play For Only $9.95
(Buy 2 & Get 1 FREE!)
  • Make Your Bracket Selections For EACH round of the Playoffs!
  • Follow Your Favorite Teams and Players!
  • Scoring Based On Avg. Pts., Avg. Assists and Avg. Rebs.
  • Playoffs Start Saturday, But Change Your Bracket For
  • Change Your Bracket For FREE Until The First Game On Monday!

  • Deadline: 5 Minutes Prior To The First Game On Monday, April 20th!

Cash Prizes

1st $500
2nd $200
3rd $125
4th $100
5th $100
6th $100
7th $100
8th $100
9th $75
10th $50

Game Resources

 Click here to view the Player List.