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  • CDM: Thanks for the quick turn around, first time I have ever been able to claim a prize in October! I look forward to getting my hard earned winnings which looks like they will be here by the end of October. Outstanding....keep it up!!
    Scott - Indiana
  • CDM..Kudo's for addressing my request for transactions/costs to be included with roster lineup changes. It will make it much easier to track my team records. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make the software changes. Well Done!!
  • All the bonuses and new game addition, as well as getting feedback to make the game better, all that can be said is CDM is far and large the best fantasy hockey site in the world bar none.
  • Another great job by CDM adding the League Home Page. Good work and much appreciated.
    Paul N.
  • CDM got my league weekly $210 win into the account almost instantly to use for this weeks switcheroos. GOOD WORK CDM!
  • I have been playing since the mid 90's I wanna say and was extremely happy when I saw CDM was having a season. Wouldn't have been the same without a CDM league and competing against my buddies as we do every year. I hope it works out so we can keep playing. Good Luck!
    CDM User
  • CDM - Nice work on the league home page...that's awesome!
  • Thanks for a great first week! We really like having Fantasy Cup back. We were playing elsewhere but theirs do not compare to this. We hope you can get 1,000 teams for the Fall Challenge.
  • I love this style of hockey pool.
    Saverio - British Columbia, CA
  • Keep up the good work. I love Draft and Play.
    Dan - Georgia
  • Overall, I love your games. Your formats are my favorites...You're simply the best!
    John - Indiana
  • You have a great website as CDMsports. I wish you continued success. You run a good fantasy camp!!
  • You have good customer service people-keep doing what u r doing!
    Jeff - Florida
  • CDM is the best game in town and I am sure you will make the right decisions to keep your game the best.
    Joe - New Jersey
  • CDM Thanks for being so quick with the prize notifications. Its great to see that new ownership is on top of things.
    Duane - Ohio
  • CDM Team, I've been playing CDM/Fanball's points games since the late 90s and am a proud member of your Hall of Fame. I was very sad when Fanball decided to cease operations and I didn't know which company to go with for points games. I just saw that CDM is back and this made my day! I'll be signing back up soon and am looking forward to hopefully many more years with CDM! I miss your magazine by the way. Hopefully I'll get that back next year too.
  • Great Job by the new CDM owners getting live stats up and running immediately and putting things together so quickly. ... In my view, the new owners are looking beyond one or two years. This is a great entertainment outlet with a solid group of loyal participants. Economy gets better, in come the newbies, and CDM is rocking again.
  • I'm sure being in the customer service industry you get complaints all the time and rarely any praise. So in light of that, I just wanted to point out how great a job you guys have been doing lately with regard to the quick turnarounds on rosters and lineups. I checked the site at 7:15 EST last night and the rosters and percentages had already been updated for the Basketball Challenge. This continues the trend that I have noticed this season in playing your various football and baseball games, and I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work. It's much appreciated.
    Mick - New York
  • Hello! Good to see the 'Muhammad Ali' of fantasy leagues back.
    Matthew - Maryland
  • You guys are doing a great job. Playing Diamond Challenge is one of the things I look forward to every year...Keep up the good work.
    David - New Jersey
  • I'm glad that CDM took over from Fantasy Cup Racing. I thoroughly enjoy playing this game and competing against people in my league as well as for the big prizes.
    Alan - Texas
  • I love that you have brought CDM and the real Diamond Challenge back. The league home page and accompanying info is great too. ... Thank you and I hope things turn out real good for CDM this year...cause we need you back forever.
  • I love the 'My Player Updates' feature. It makes it much easier to track my players. Been playing since 1996 when I would call in my changes over the phone. We've come a long way, baby!
    CDM User
  • CDM, thanks again for your prompt reply (I sent you a message about an hour ago about my prize winnings and sending a check, and to just to make sure of a couple of things) I looked in my account and see that you already processed things and sent the check off. Thanks for getting on that so quickly!
    Rahim - Toronto, ON Canada
  • It's great to have Tour Trade around again!
    Birdi B.
  • I want to thank CDM for steppin up to the plate and makin this place the best place ever for fantasy games. you guys made the game this year better than ever and the live scoring updates is the best feature ever! well done!
  • THANK YOU for bringing back the Diamond Challenge. I was bummed out that Diamond Challenge by FanBall wasn't going to be played this year. I'm am thankful that you brought it back and I am really looking forward to playing this year.
  • This was the first year that I participated in your fantasy football and I was really hooked. The only thing that I would ask for is when selecting a time to draft, if you could create the option of mountain standard time that would help me out anyway. Keep up the good work.
    Derek - California
  • I miss this fantasy game! Best one out there!!!!
  • Love Fantasy Cup. Please keep it going.
    Wendy - Maine
  • I have missed you this year. Let's get it on and thanks to you!
  • I've always enjoyed the games I've entered. Glad you're still going to be around. Thanks!
  • Good job CDM! We really appreciate having the results out early Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I have been missing this game terribly. WAY TO GO CDM!!
  • Been with Fantasycup since day one and intend to continue. Keep up the good work.
    Robert - Pennsylvania
  • So glad you guys are back. Love your games, they are the best on the net!
  • I don't play anything but CDM Football Challenge (Points Style)and(Rotisserie Style)
    Robert - New York
  • I am glad you guys are back. After no playoff basketball challenge last year I looked around at your competition for a similar type game. They all sucked really bad.
    Anthony - Florida
  • CDM, excellent work on the turnaround time on payouts this year-both DC and FC. Not even 2 weeks since season's end, and check in hand. Keep up the good work. Now can you figure out a way to let me post on the DC board until I sign up? Good day.
    Frank - Missouri
  • CDM, thanks so much for your assistance today. I know there were technical difficulties in claiming my prizes, and your level of herculean patience and professionalism in dealing with the matter (and with me) was unparalleled. I've worked in customer service before, and by far, you guys are the best. Mary was quite easy to speak with, and helped me out the best way she could, and the rest of you did a great job for processing things on your end quickly. It just shows that you know how to care about your customers, and it's sincerely appreciated. I will absolutely keep recommending that more of my friends sign up for more of the games, keep up the awesome work, and thanks for getting everything together to mail me my prizes!
    Rahim - Toronto, ON Canada
  • Props to CDM. Tour 2 wrapped up 6/17, results posted 6/18 and I was able to claim my prizes to my account today (6/20)! One of the things that bugged me the most about CDM in the past is now one of their best attributes!
  • Really missed your game. Tried other sites but they were not FUN! I always have 3 teams and would continue. THANKS!!!
    CDM User
  • Love the Diamond Challenge....I think having one price for all moves during the year is a good idea
    Thomas - Maine
  • You guys have always made the game very interesting, and since you have so much more understanding and experience about these games, it is my opinion that all fantasy players should abide by your rules. I hear many players crying about different rules year after year, but that is simply because they want unique rules for themselves. I love the game and in the more than ten years I've been playing, there has never been a single instant in which I thought I could show you how to run these games.
    Melvin - Florida