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12-Team Draft & Play/Points Scoring/ Worst to First Free Agent Acquisitions (Worst to First)

This summary is for convenience only and is not meant to be a substitute for the Official Draft & Play Baseball Rules (including Legal Restrictions) which set forth in detail all terms and conditions under which Draft & Play Baseball is operated, winners are determined and prizes are awarded. To view the complete Official Rules of Draft & Play Baseball, please click here.

Sign-Up: First, review the available entry fee levels for the Draft & Play Baseball contest that you prefer to play (10-team or 12-team league) and the available draft times for your entry level, league size, preferred type of scoring (points-style or rotisserie), and preferred type of waiver acquisition (Worst-to-First or FAAB). Then, click the ENTER link on the Contest website, agree to abide by all of the Official Rules of Draft & Play Baseball, submit your entry, including team name, entry fee level, league size, type of scoring, preferred type of waiver acquisition, and your draft time.

Pay for your entry by credit card, using MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover. Final Deadline for drafts is Thursday, March 29, 2018.

Contest Start and End Dates:

The Contest begins with games on Thursday, March 29, 2018, and ends with games on Sunday, September 30, 2018, spanning the entire pro baseball regular season. Statistics will be used from playoff games, if needed, to decide post-season teams, division winners, or seeding in the post-season.

League size, entry fee levels, scoring types and prizes: All league sizes, entry fee levels, scoring, and prizes are as they appear on the Draft & Play Baseball home page.

Starting Lineup: Draft a team of 22 starters and 6 reserves. Players remain on your team until you modify your team. (See below for modifications.) Starting lineup must consist of: 1 Catcher, 1 First Baseman, 1 Second Baseman, 1 Third Baseman, 1 Shortstop, 1 Corner Infielder (1B or 3B), 1 Middle Infielder (2B or SS), 5 Outfielders, 1 Utility (any hitter) and 9 Pitchers (any combination of starters and relievers). Reserves must consist of 6 players. Only listed players can be selected.

Drafts: You must draft at the time that you have selected. Once your league has 12 registered teams, the league and draft time are locked. You'll receive an email when your league locks. Your draft will be conducted using a random-generated draft order and will proceed in a snake-order format such that Team 1 picks first, Team 2 picks second, Team 12 picks 12th, Team 12 picks 13th, Team 11 picks 14th and so forth through 28 rounds. You'll receive an email confirming your league's rosters.

Three Ways To Draft: (1.) live player selection (must be logged on to the website during the time of the draft), (2.) draft list selection (you set your draft list prior to or during the draft), and (3.) automated selection (CDM Sports selects the next available player for you from an automated list of default player rankings.)

Modifications To Your Team: Modify your team by clicking the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website. There are three types of modifications:

Roster Switches: Replace a player in your starting lineup with a player from your reserves anytime Tuesday through Monday at 7:00 PM CT on Monday. Players who are on teams participating in games with a scheduled start time prior to the Monday deadline at 7:00 PM CT, will be locked at the scheduled start time for their game.

Worst-to-first Waiver Wire Acquisition Process

A worst to first waiver wire acquisition is made by requesting a player from your league's waiver wire pool of players. Except for the first week of the season, players are awarded by CDM Sports based on league standings, as detailed below. The waiver wire consists of players who are not on any team in your league and are not on the official disabled list (this includes players who are on your league's protected list and players who have been dropped by teams in your 10-team league. Each week, any team in your league may submit a request for a player on the waiver wire at any time before 1:00 PM CT on Sunday. The waiver wire request includes both the player to add from the waiver wire and the player to drop. If the player to drop is in your starting lineup, the requested player must be eligible for the same position in the starting lineup.

Between 1:00 PM CT and 3:00 PM CT on Sunday, CDM Sports reviews all waiver wire requests for your league and awards the players requested in accordance with the Contest rules. Except for the first week of the season, CDM Sports awards players requested in the reverse order of the league's standings through the previous day's stats, such that the worst team is awarded its first choice, the second worst team is then awarded its first choice (provided the player was not already awarded), and so forth through the 10 teams in the league. CDM Sports will then award a second player to each team by again using the reverse order of the league's standings, provided that there are requests for players who have not been previously awarded. The process continues in this manner until all requested players have been awarded.

[See Contest's Official Rules for tie breaking criteria when 2 or more teams enter the same bid amount.]

First Come First Serve Free Agent Acquisition: First Come First Serve Free Agent Acquisition: Anytime after Sunday at 3:00 PM CT until 7:00 PM CT Monday. Players who are on teams participating in games with a scheduled start time prior to the Monday deadline at 7:00 PM CT, will be locked at the scheduled start time for the game.

No Drop List: Every Monday CDM Sports publishes a "No Drop" list for the week's upcoming games. Players on the "No Drop" list can't be dropped from your team roster as part of a waiver wire request or free agent acquisition.

Point-Style Scoring Leagues
Points are accumulated each stat week (consisting of games played Monday through Sunday) by all 22 players in your starting lineup based on the following statistics:
Single1 Point Win10 Points
Double2 Points Save7 Points
Triple3 Points Loss -5 Points
Home Run4 Points 1 Inning* 1 Point
Run Batted In1 Point Strike Out 1 Point
Run Scored1 Point Earned Run -1 Point
Walk1 Point
Stolen Base2 Points

* Fractional points are awarded for each partial inning pitched (1 out = 0.33 points)

Prizes: Prizes are awarded following the Contest in accordance with the Official Rules. To view the Official Rules of the Contest, click here.

All questions concerning the Contest can be directed to [email protected] or to a customer service representative by calling 1.888.636.7559.

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