Survivor Bracket and Points Bracket reports are updated on the website by 7:00 PM CT each Monday (or as otherwise determined by CDM Sports) and reflect statistics through the previous weekend's games.

After 7:00 PM CT each Sunday, beginning with the second weekend of the Contest, you will be able to view the player picks made by the top 100 entries in the Contest (with each weekend's rankings being based on accumulated points through the weekend of the report).



Prizes are awarded at the end of the Contest to the top entry (or entries) in the Survivor Bracket and to the top 20 entries in the Points Bracket as follows:

Prize Table
Survivor Bracket
Points Bracket

Any entry winning a prize in the Survivor Bracket is also eligible to win a prize in the Points Bracket.

Cash prizes are awarded in U.S dollars. (*Please Note: Cash prizes in the amount of $15.00 are placed on the customer's account.)

In the event of a tie in either Bracket, cash prizes will be added together and divided evenly among those who have tied. For example, if only three (3) entries remain in the Survivor Bracket after the 6th weekend and none of those entries advance to the next week, all three (3) entries would win the Survivor Bracket and the cash grand prize would be divided evenly among them. Winners in the Survivor Bracket are also eligible to win prizes in the Points Bracket.