To modify your team via the Internet, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, login using your email address and password (if you haven't already done so), modify your team roster as needed, submit the modifications and record the confirmation number you receive for them. There are three types of modifications: (1) taxi squad switch, (2) swing shift, and (3) new player purchase.

Modifications are also accepted via our toll-free number (888.636.7559).

Deadlines and Stat Week

During the Contest, modifications must be made at least 5 minutes before the first game on Monday. If there is not a game on Monday, the deadlines will be 6:00 PM CT on Monday. Modifications will be effective for the upcoming stat week (which consists of the applicable games played Monday through Sunday). At the deadline, your team is locked for the upcoming week. Any modifications made after the deadline do not take effect until the following week. Your team carries over from week to week if you do not make any modifications. The first deadline for modifying your team during the Contest is 6:00 PM CT, Monday, April 16, 2018.

Taxi Squad Switch

A taxi squad switch occurs when you replace a player from your starting lineup with a player from your taxi squad. Taxi squad switches are unlimited during the Contest and must involve players listed at the same position. Taxi squad switch example: "Start Russell Westbrook, Taxi Kyrie Irving."

Swing Shift

A swing shift occurs when you move the swing player in your starting lineup to another position in your starting lineup. Swing shifts are unlimited during the Contest and must be accompanied by a taxi squad switch and/or a new player purchase. Swing shift example: "Shift Lebron James to forward for Blake Griffin. Start Stephen Curry at Swing, Taxi Blake Griffin."

New Player Purchase

A purchase occurs when you add a new player to either your starting lineup or taxi squad and drop a player from your team. You can purchase any listed or unlisted player not on your current team. Purchases are limited to six (6) per team during the Contest and must involve players listed at the same position when you are dropping a player from your starting lineup. Purchase example: "Purchase Lebron James, Drop Kevin Durant."

Mid-Week Taxi Squad Switch

A mid-week taxi squad switch occurs when you replace a player from your starting lineup with a player from your taxi squad between Tuesday and Friday. You must make mid-week taxi squad switches by 6:00 PM CT on Friday to be effective for games played Friday through Sunday each week during the Contest. In the event that one or more games begin before 6:00 PM CT on Friday, the weekly mid-week switch deadline for that week will be 10 minutes prior to the first game on Friday. (Note: mid-week taxi squad switches are NOT effective for any games played before the Friday deadline.) Mid-week taxi squad switches are limited to a total of three (3) during the Contest. Accompanied swing shifts can be made while making mid-week taxi squad switches and there is no limit to the number of swing shifts that can be made. Taxi squad switch example: "Start Chris Paul, Taxi Brandon Jennings."


Using the Basketball Challenge Playoff Rotisserie ranking method, statistics are accumulated each week in the games played Monday through Sunday by all 15 players in your starting lineup. Your team is then ranked within league and overall competitions based on 9 statistical scoring categories.

Nine Scoring Categories

  • 3-Point Field Goals Made
  • 2-Point Field Goals Made
  • Free Throws Made
  • Total Points Scored
  • Assists
  • Offensive Rebounds
  • Steals
  • Defensive Rebounds
  • Blocked Shots

Scoring System

Teams are ranked by comparing their team totals to the other teams in their league. The team with the best total in each category will receive 25 points and the team with the worst will receive 1 point. Points are recalculated each week to determine team standings.

Overall points are calculated by ranking your team's statistics totals versus all other entries in the Basketball Challenge Playoff.

Stats are accumulated weekly for all 15 starting players. The stat week begins with games played on Monday and ends with games played on Sunday.

All statistics accumulated by the players in your starting lineup, regardless of what position they actually play during the Contest, contribute to your team's statistics totals.

Statistics by a player on your taxi squad, statistics by a player before being added to your team, and statistics by a player after being dropped from your team do not contribute to your team's statistics totals.

Regular season statistics do not contribute to your team's statistics totals.