To determine results, teams are ranked from first to last in each of the 9 statistical categories, and points are assigned based on these rankings. For instance, in a 20-team league, the team that finishes first in a category earns 20 points, the second-place team earns 19 points, and so on down to the last-place team, which earns one point. This system applies to all 9 categories, each of which has equal value. The most points a team in a 20-team league can earn if it finishes first in every statistical category is 180 points. In the overall team ranking, the maximum number of possible points is determined by the total number of entries in the Contest.


Team, league and overall reports are updated daily on the website by 7:00 PM CT (or at such other times as CDM Sports determines) and reflect statistics through the previous day's games.

Sample Reports



Prizes are awarded at the end of the Contest to the entries with the highest point totals, as follows:

  • Top 10 overall teams.
  • Top teams in each league.
Prize Table
Place Overall
(all entries)
(20 teams)
1 $2,000 $250
2 $500 $175
3 $300 $125
4 $200 $50
5 $100 --
6-10 $50 --

Cash prizes are awarded in U.S. dollars. In the event of a tie, cash prizes are divided evenly among those who have tied.

In the event that a league does not contain 20 teams, CDM Sports reserves the right to cancel the league and entry fees from that league will be refunded.