To modify your team via the Internet, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, login using your email address and password (if you haven't already done so), modify your team roster as needed, submit the modifications and record the confirmation number you receive for them. There are two types of modifications: (1) taxi squad switch, and (2) new player purchase.

Modifications are also accepted via toll-free number (1.888.636.7559) or fax (314.546.4230).


During the Contest, modifications must be made 5 minutes before the first game is played each weekend. Thus, the transaction deadlines for the Contest are:

  1. 5 minutes prior to the first game on Saturday, January 13, 2018.
  2. 5 minutes prior to the first game on Sunday, January 21, 2018.
  3. 5 minutes prior to the game on Sunday, February 4, 2018.

Note: In the event that the first game of the weekend is rescheduled, the transaction deadline will be adjusted accordingly.

At the deadline, your team is locked for the upcoming weekend's games. Any modifications made after the deadline do not take effect until the following week. Your team carries over from week to week if you do not make any modifications.

Taxi Squad Switch

A taxi squad switch occurs when you replace a player from your starting lineup with a player from your taxi squad. Taxi squad switches are unlimited during the Contest and must involve players listed at the same position. Taxi squad switch example: "Start Carson Wentz, Taxi Tom Brady."

New Player Purchase

A new player purchase occurs when you add a new player to either your starting lineup or taxi squad and drop a player from your roster. You may pick-up any player not on your current roster. New player purchases are limited to 5 per roster during the Contest and must involve players listed at the same position when you are dropping a player from your starting lineup. New player purchase example: "Purchase Jay Ajayi, Drop Marshawn Lynch." The position restriction does not apply when you drop a player from your Taxi Squad and purchase a new player.

Costs to Modify Team

To modify your team during the Contest, you must have a transaction package or you may pay per transaction. These additional fees are outlined in the Entry Costs section.



Points are accumulated each week for all 20 players and 2 defense/special teams in your starting lineup based on the following statistical categories:

Passing TD 3 Points Shutout15 Points
20 Passing Yards* 1 Point  1-10 Pts. Allowed10 Points
Receiving TD 6 Points  11-20 Pts. Allowed5 Points
10 Receiving Yards**1 Points Any Defensive or Special Teams TD's 6 Points
2-Pt. Conversion (rushing or receiving)2 Points Safety5 Points
Rushing TD 6 Points Interception2 Point
10 Rushing Yards** 1 Point Fumble Recovery2 Point
Any Other TD*** 6 Points Sack1 Point
Extra Point1 Point 
Field Goal 3 Points 
*0.05 Point awarded for each passing yard.

**0.10 Point awarded for each rushing or receiving yard.

***KO return, punt return, interception return or a fumble recovery.

Scoring System

The points week begins with games played on Saturday and ends with games played on Sunday (but is subject to change in the event that a game is postponed and/or rescheduled). All points accumulated by the players in your starting lineup, regardless of what position they actually play, contribute to your team's points total. Points scored by your bench, points by a player or defense/special team before being placed on your roster, as well as preseason and regular season points, do not contribute to your team's point total.

To determine standings, all teams in the Contest and all teams in their respective leagues are sorted by point total. The team with the highest point total finishes first and the team with the lowest point total finishes last.

Defense points allowed is based on the final score of the game. Yards from defense/special teams' returns do not count.

For Defense/Special Teams scoring, a Defensive Team Touchdown is a touchdown scored on a defensive team fumble recovery, an interception, a blocked punt, or a blocked kick. A Special Team's Touchdown is a touchdown scored on a kick return or a punt return. Defensive/Special Teams Touchdowns do NOT include touchdowns scored on an offensive team fumble recovery, a faked extra point, or faked field goal.

Two point conversions are awarded to the player scoring the conversion.