To make picks for your team via the Internet, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, login using your username and password (if you haven't already done so), make your player pick, submit the pick and record the confirmation number you receive.

You may pre-select picks through each week of the contest and may change any of those picks before the weekly deadline.

Holiday Hours

Our office will be closed Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th for the Thanksgiving Day holidays, Monday, December 25th for the Christmas holiday, and Sunday, December 31st for New Years Eve. In addition, our office will close at 12 Noon CT on Sunday, December 24th (Christmas Holiday).

Although our offices will be closed on Thursday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving), player changes will be accepted via the Internet for the games played on those dates. All roster changes involving players on teams in the early games on Thanksgiving Day (MIN, DET, SD, DAL, NYG and WAS) must be made 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of each applicable game. Players on teams participating in early games on Thanksgiving Day will lock 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their game. Please note that if you need assistance making your roster changes for the Thanksgiving Day early games, you must call during our office hours from 9:30 AM CT to 5:00 PM CT on Wednesday, November 22nd.



Using the Contest point-scoring method, points are accumulated each week for the player you pick based on the following statistical categories:

Team Victory:
Victory by team on which your selected player plays
(*Points for team victories are NOT included in the Points Bracket.)
14 Points*
Passing TD 3 Points
25 Passing Yds* 1 Point
Receiving TD 6 Points
10 Receiving Yds** 1 Point
2 pt. Conversion 2 Points
Rushing TD 6 Points
10 Rushing Yds** 1 Point
2 pt. Conversion 2 Points
Other TD's by Player
Any other TD 6 Points
(Includes KO Return, Punt Return, Fumble Return or Fumble Recovery in End Zone)
*0.04 Point awarded for each passing yard
**0.10 Point awarded for each rushing or receiving yard

Two point conversion points are awarded to the player scoring the conversion. (by rushing, receiving, fumble return or fumble recovery in end zone).

Scoring System

Weekly point totals are accumulated based on your player's points each week. The points week begins with games played on Thursday and ends with games played on Monday.

Points from team victories are NOT included in the Points Bracket and will not be used to calculate rankings in the Points Bracket. You will only accumulate points in the Points Bracket based on your selected player's actual statistics from the game for which you selected him.

The winner of the Survivor Bracket will be the entry or entries who survive each week of the Contest. If no entry survives all weeks of the contest, the last surviving entry or entries will win the Survivor Bracket and the $1,000.00 cash grand prize. To determine winners in the Points Bracket, entries will be ranked from first to last based on the total points accumulated for each entry during all weeks of the Contest. The entry with the most points accumulated for all weeks of the contest finishes first and wins the first place cash prize in the Points Bracket. All other cash prizes in the Points Bracket will be awarded based on the points rankings.

If you forget to make your selection in any week, you will get zero points for that week and you will drop out of the Survivor Bracket. However, you can purchase a Pigskin to stay in the Survivor Bracket. Pigskins are only available for purchase during the week following the week in which your selected player failed to accumulate 29 points. No Pigskins can be purchased after week 5 of the contest (Sunday, December 3, 2017).

In the event that any game is postponed or canceled for any reason and the game is not played until the following Tuesday or Wednesday, CDM Sports reserves the right to extend the points week through Wednesday so that players on the teams in the postponed/canceled game will receive points for that week. In the event that you pick a player from any game that is postponed or canceled and the game is not played by the following Tuesday or Wednesday for any reason, you will get zero points for your pick that week.