Tour Trade® Majors Challenge™ is a fantasy golf contest which incorporates only the players and the results from the 5 most prestigious tournaments (referred to in this Contest as the "Majors"). The tournaments included in the Contest are all four of the tournaments commonly regarded as "Majors", as well as the The Players Championship Tournament (which, for the purposes of this Contest, is considered a fifth Major). The Contest begins on Thursday, April 5, 2018 at Augusta and ends with the final round of the PGA tournament scheduled to conclude on Sunday, August 12, 2018. Only the five "Majors" are used for scoring in the Contest.

You must select a team of 4 unique players for each of the 5 Majors and the players selected by you must be different for each Major. By the end of the Contest, you will have selected 20 unique golfers. Teams are ranked based on the total money earned by each of their golfers in the event for which they are selected. (For example, if you select Bubba Watson for your 4-player team in the U.S. Open, you accumulate the money, if any, earned by him in the U.S. Open only.)

The team with the highest aggregate money earnings from its selected golfers will be awarded the cash grand prize in the amount of $1,000.00. There are 20 cash prizes in the Contest! (See prize chart in the Prizes section of these Contest rules.)

Please note that this Contest is not sponsored by either the PGA, PGA Tour or any operator or sponsor of any of the Majors.

How To Enter

To enter Tour Trade® Majors Challenge™ via the Contest website, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, agree to abide by the official rules governing the Contest, then follow the instructions to submit your entry, which includes selecting your team name and team. Upon successfully entering your team, if you do not already have a CDM Sports® account, you will setup your account using your email address and create a password to be used for modifying your team as well as accessing results and the BBS.

Entries are also accepted via our toll-free number (1.888.636.7559) and by regular mail (CDM Sports, PO Box 31782 St. Louis, MO 63131).


Your Internet entry must be paid by credit card, using either: MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express. All internet entries must be received by 11:55 PM CT, Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Mailed entries can also be paid by check or money order and must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 3, 2018, and received no later than Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Entry Costs

$24.95 to enter. Two teams for $44.95 and get a 3rd team FREE!

There are NO transaction costs in this Contest. All player changes before the Contest deadline and player changes for each Major are FREE!

Limit of six (6) entries per customer.

Select Team


For each of the Majors, you select a starting team of 4 unique players who you believe will compete in the upcoming event and earn prize money in that event. Your team will accumulate the money (fantasy money) earned by your golfers in the Major for which they are selected. Except in the event of a canceled or postponed event, you can only pick a golfer once during the Contest.

You must select 4 unique players for each of the Majors and, thus, you will have selected at least 20 different golfers by the end of the Contest.

You can make as many changes to your team as you want for FREE before the Contest deadline and for FREE before the player change deadline for each Major.

Listed and Unlisted Players

You can select listed players at any time before or during the Contest. The list of players has been determined by CDM Sports. To view the list, click here

Unlisted golfers may be added by CDM Sports® throughout the Contest; however, the decision whether to add an unlisted golfer is in the sole discretion of CDM Sports. To request that an unlisted golfer be added, please email [email protected]