To modify your team via the Internet, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, login using your email address and password (if you haven't already done so), modify your team roster as needed, submit the modifications and record the confirmation number you receive for them.

Modifications are also accepted via our toll-free number: (1.888.636.7559).

Deadlines and Tournament Schedule

You can make as many changes to your team of 4 players as often as you want for FREE before the start of each Major during the Contest. However, your 4 player team roster for each Major will be frozen at the deadline for each Major as follows:

  • Augusta: 11:55 PM CT Wednesday, April 4th
  • TPC: 11:55 PM CT Wednesday, May 9th
  • U.S. Open: 11:55 PM CT Wednesday, June 13th
  • The Open: 11:55 PM CT Wednesday, July 18th
  • PGA: 11:55 PM CT Wednesday, August 8th

  • Please note: If you do NOT change golfers for your line-up before the deadline of the next Major, you will receive no earnings for that tournament.

    In the event that a tournament is postponed until after the end of the Contest, the tournament will be removed from the Contest's tournament schedule.



    For each Major, money earnings are accumulated by your 4 player team. Only the money earned by the four golfers in the event for which they are selected count towards your team's total earnings. The Contest objective is to accumulate the most money earnings from your player selections. You do not accumulate money earnings from any players who you removed from your team after a Major. Only players who are on your team at the end of the final round of the Major (for which they were selected) accumulate money earnings for you.