To modify your team via the Internet, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, login using your email address and password (if you haven't already done so), modify your team roster as needed, submit the modifications and record the confirmation number you receive for them. There are two types of modifications: (1) taxi squad switch, and (2) new player purchase.

Modifications are also accepted via our toll-free number (888.636.7559).


Make changes each week at least 5 minutes before the first game on Monday and at least 5 minutes prior to the first game on Friday. If there is no game on Monday or Friday, the deadlines will be at 6:00 PM CT on Monday and 6:00 PM CT Friday.

Taxi Squad Switch

For a taxi squad switch, a team owner moves a player from the taxi squad to the starting line-up and moves a player from the starting line-up to the taxi squad. These moves are unlimited and must involve players who are listed at the same position. Taxi Squad Switch example: "Start Sidney Crosby and Taxi Ryan Getzlaf."

New Player Purchase

For a new player purchase, a team owner adds a new player to either his starting line-up or Taxi Squad and drops a player from the corresponding roster. You may pick-up any player not on your current roster. If you drop a player from the starting line-up, the new player must play the same position as the player being dropped. There is a limit of 8 new player purchases during the Contest. New player purchase example: "Purchase Corey Perry, Drop Patrick Sharp."

Scoring System

Using the Hockey Challenge Playoff point-scoring method, points are accumulated each stat week (consisting of games played Monday through Sunday) by all 20 players in your starting lineup based on the following statistics:

Skaters Points
Goal 5
Assist 3
Penalty Minute 0.25
Shot On Goal 0.20
Plus/Minus +1/-1
(Points will be added or subtracted for each Plus or Minus players receive.)

Goaltenders Points
Win 5
Shutout 5
Save 0.20
Goal Allowed -1
(No points are awarded for shared shutouts.)

Points are accumulated weekly for all 20 starting players. The contest begins with playoff games on April 11, 2018.

All points accumulated by the players in your starting lineup, regardless of what position they actually play, contribute to your team's points total. Points scored by your bench and points by a player before being placed on your roster do not contribute to your team's point total.

To determine standings, all teams in the Contest and all teams in their respective leagues are sorted by point total. The team with the highest point total finishes first and the team with the lowest point total finishes last.

No points are awarded for a shared shutout. No points are awarded for shootout statistics.

Team and goalie penalty minutes that are served by a skater are not credited to the skater and, thus, the skater will receive no points.