Clubhouse Challenge Prize

All Clubhouses compete for the Clubhouse Challenge prize. Prizes are awarded to the top Clubhouses with the highest Overall Clubhouse Scores amongst all Clubhouses.


Clubhouse Challenge Prizes

1 $25 to be awarded to each team registered in the winning clubhouse.

You Can Create Your Own Private or Public Clubhouse or Join an Existing One

To start your Clubhouse Experience, go to the Fantasy Cup Chase site, and click on the Clubhouse" link. Note: A team can be a member of only one Clubhouse for a race. if you have more than one team, you can join and/or create a Clubhouse for each of your teams.

Building Your Clubhouse

To invite people to your Clubhouse, simply go to your Clubhouse and click on the "Invite a Friend to Join Clubhouse" button. It's that easy!

Minimum Clubhouse Members

To have a Clubhouse that is eligible for the Clubhouse prizes, there must be a minimum of 7 teams in the Clubhouse at the start of the Contest. After the start of the Contest, the Clubhouses are locked.

Note: Once weekly Clubhouse scores are posted, they are official.

Maximum Clubhouse Members

To make the Clubhouses competitive and even the playing field, Clubhouse membership is capped at 25 teams.

Auto Clubhouses

At the start of the Contest, any team not in a private or public Clubhouse automatically is assigned to a 10-team auto Clubhouse.

Clubhouse Scoring for a Race

The "Clubhouse Race Score" is the sum total of the best seven (7) race scores of the Clubhouse teams. If a Clubhouse has only seven teams, all seven scores will be added together for the "Clubhouse Race Score." Prizes are awarded to the Clubhouse that has the highest overall points.

Overall Clubhouse Scoring for the Challenge

The Overall Clubhouse Score for the entire ten (10) race challenge is the sum total of the the top "Clubhouse Race Scores." The Overall Clubhouse Score is used to determine Clubhouse Prize awards.

Tie Breakers for Clubhouse Scoring for the Challenge

If there are two or more Clubhouses that have the same Overall Clubhouse Score, the Clubhouse that scored the highest "Clubhouse Race Score" during the Contest will win the tie-breaker. If there is still a tie, the prize will be divided evenly among the tied Clubhouses.