To make driver trades via the Internet, click the appropriate navigational link on the Contest website, login using your username and password (if you haven't already done so), make your trades as needed within the constraints of your team's current value plus your cash reserve, submit the trades and record the confirmation number you receive for them.

Trades are also accepted via our toll-free number: (866.918.7223).

Trade Deadlines and Race Schedule

During the Contest, trades must be made each week by the green flag. Once a race starts, including a race start under caution, no additional trades will be allowed. If a race start is postponed to a new date, the deadline for trades will be on the new date at the green flag. For the race schedule, click here.

The first deadline for selecting drivers during the Contest is Sunday, July 16, 2017, at the green flag.

Before the Contest begins (until the green flag on Sunday, July 16, 2017) all modifications to your team are FREE and unlimited.

Trade Costs

For each trade made via the website during the Contest, a trade token is required. Trade tokens cost $2.00 each. All unused Fantasy Cup® Circuit 2 trade tokens are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Upgrade your team with a ONE TIME fee! ONE TIME fee teams are NOT required to purchase tokens to trade drivers during the Contest. Choose the ONE TIME fee for your team and there are NO OTHER COSTS during the Contest!

Maximum Number of Trades

Up to 4 trades can be made before each race. When trading drivers, your team value cannot exceed your team net worth (salary cap for your team). The first adjustments to drivers' salaries are scheduled to be made on Monday, July 24th (before the July 30th race). Click here to review the schedule for updated driver salaries.

To determine the number of trades used for each race week, your driver lineup from the previous race is compared to your driver lineup at the green flag for the current week's race. The difference in drivers determines the number of trades used. For example, if your previous race lineup included Dale Earnhardt Jr., and on Tuesday you trade Dale Earnhardt Jr. for Ryan Blainey, on Wednesday you trade Stewart for Jimmie Johnson, on Thursday you trade Johnson for Denny Hamlin, on Friday you trade Hamlin for Matt Kenseth, on Saturday you trade Kenseth for Kevin Harvick, and on Sunday morning, before the race, you trade Harvick for Kurt Busch, only 1 trade would be used for the week.

In the event that a race is postponed until after the end of the Contest, all driver lineups will revert to the previous race lineup and trades made for the postponed race will be reversed (not charged).



Teams are ranked within their league and overall by averaging the number of team points per race. The best 14 race weeks are used to determine standings.

Scoring System

Fantasy Cup Points are awarded to drivers based on the NASCAR Cup points drivers earn in each race during the Contest. Fantasy Cup points are accumulated weekly for each of your selected drivers.

ALERT: Updated point system for 2017! For a complete explanation of how Fantasy Cup Points are awarded, CLICK HERE.

Teams are ranked within their league and overall by averaging the number of team points per race. The team with the highest race average is first and the team with the lowest race average is last. An accumulated total is not used.

After the 5th race, your lowest weekly total will be dropped before determining standings. After the 6th race, your 2 lowest weekly totals will be dropped, and after the 7th race, your 3 lowest weekly totals will be dropped. Beginning with the 8th race, your 4 lowest weekly totals will be dropped each week before determining your team's average race points and standings.

If your driver is penalized by NASCAR, your team will not lose the corresponding points.

Only points from the listed races are used. A driver's points are added to your weekly team totals only during the week(s) that he is on your team.

Previous points by a driver before he was on your team do not count.

If a driver has declared to have his points be awarded to a different race series, the driver will still be awarded the Fantasy Cup Points for the finishing spot in the race in which they were earned and, thus, will earn the points in the Contest.