Prizes are awarded at the end of the Contest to the top 50 overall entries.

Place Overall
(all teams)
1 $1,000
2 - 5 $100
6 - 10 $50
11 - 25 $25
26 - 50 $15*

(* applied to customer account)

Cash prizes are awarded in U.S. dollars.

Ties will be broken using the following criteria in the following order:

  1. The entry that has selected the most winning drivers (drivers who finish first in a race) during the entire Contest will win.

  2. If a tie still exists after applying the first tiebreaker, individual race point totals will be compared. The entry with the highest point total for any individual race (with the Duels being considered a single race) will win.

In the event that a tie still exists after applying the above tiebreakers, prizes will be divided evenly among those who have tied.