Deadlines for Picking Drivers and Race Schedule

You may change your driver selection as often as you want during the week. However, your selection must be submitted before the green flag drops for the weekend’s race. If a race start is postponed to a new date, the deadline for driver selection will be on the new date at the dropping of the green flag. At the deadline, you may no longer change your driver selection for the race. For the complete race schedule, click here. In the event that a race is postponed and does not take place by Monday, July 9, 2018, the Contest will not include the postponed race.

All driver change deadlines will be published on the Contest website. The published driver change deadlines will not change unless there is a scheduling change PRIOR to race day or the race is postponed to a new date. If the race is rain or weather delayed or TV coverage is delayed, the driver change deadline will not change. In the event that the race is postponed to a new date, the new driver change deadline will be posted on the Contest website.



Fantasy Cup Points are awarded to drivers based on the NASCAR race points drivers earn in each race during the Contest. Fantasy Cup points are accumulated weekly for each of your selected drivers. You will receive Fantasy Cup Points from one driver each week. You must select 18 different drivers during the Contest. If you do not make a pick for a weekend's race before the race deadline, you will receive no Fantasy Cup Points for that race. Only Fantasy Cup Points awarded to a driver for the week he is selected for your entry count.

Point System: For a complete explanation of how Fantasy Cup Points are awarded, CLICK HERE.

To determine standings, all entries in the Contest are sorted by total Fantasy Cup points. The entry with the most Fantasy Cup points finishes first and the entry with the fewest Fantasy Cup points finishes last.

If your driver is penalized by NASCAR, your team will not lose the corresponding Fantasy Cup Points.

If a driver has declared to have his NASCAR Cup Points be awarded to a different race series, the driver will still be awarded the Fantasy Cup Points for the finishing spot in the race in which they were earned and thus will earn the points in the Contest. Drivers that have declared to have their NASCAR Cup Points awarded to a different race series will NOT receive any bonus points for leading a lap or winning a race.