The Dave Petroziello Story
2011 Diamond Challenge Roto $50,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Dave first started playing Diamond Challenge in 1995 when he entered The Sporting News Fantasy Baseball Challenge (w hich later became known as Diamond Challenge Roto). Over the years, he has had several top 100 finishes, most recently in 2006. But , in 2011, his many years of commitment to fantasy sports, and patience playing some of the more competitive challenge games, really paid off.

The championship run in 2011 presented its share of tense moments and challenging decisions for Dave up until the ve ry end. After winning, Dave observed that he had to make some critical moves down the stretch and that he was "really sweating it ou t on the last day of the season." Dave remarked that "it was a close finish, and I wasn't sure I won until the last out of the year ". His anxiety was justified, as the second place finisher came in less than 100 points behind him.

Dave's winning team featured experienced starting pitchers including Halladay, Lincecum, Lee, Weaver, Verlander, Ham els, Kershaw and Hernandez. He got major contributions from Madison Baugarner, Tommy Hansen and Mike Pineda, while Putz, Kimbrel, Ma dson and Walden, and a little help from Neftali Feliz and Jose Contreras, got him 151 saves. His team's offense was helped by big y ears from Jose Bautista, Joey Votto, Jacoby Ellsbury, Justin Upton, Carlos Santana, Ian Kinsler, Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez . Those player selections helped him overcome injuries to Buster Posey and Colby Rasmus. His selections during the final week were crucial to his overall victory. And, with final week salaries at just $28,250,000, Dave managed to stay well below the $30,000,000 cap.

The $53,200 in cash prizes earned by Dave for winning the 2011 contest is a good lessen in patience and persistence. Dave used some of his winnings to purchase a new car, and he intends to give Diamond Challenge another try in 2012. Although he ad mits that winning in back-to-back years is really a daunting task, the Scranton, Pennsylvania warehouse worker and Fantasy Sports Ha ll of Famer hopes to become the first to achieve that accomplishment.

It is worth noting that, while Dave's greatest successes have come from playing fantasy baseball, Dave has had his f air share of success playing other fantasy sports contests as well. For example, he won a 2002 Mid-Season Football Championship.

Here are the stats for Dave's 2011 winning team:

.285 BA130 Wins
1748 RUNS151 Saves
1652 RBI1872 SO
491 HR2.85 ERA
274 SB1.09 WHIP
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