The Mike Wiltrout Story
2012 Diamond Challenge Points $25,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Mike Wiltrout's biggest competition in Diamond Challenge Points Baseball turned out to be himself!

Mike had two teams in the Diamond Challenge Points contest and those two teams finished first and second overall, earning him $34,375.00. He had many of the same players on both teams, but the T-Ball II team outpaced the T-Ball team by 118 points and finished almost 300 points ahead of the 3rd place team, Mahoney Madness.

The 40 year old accountant from Mansfield, Ohio proved that he not only knows how to crunch numbers, but he also knows how to pick the right players for a winning fantasy baseball team. He became a skilled fantasy player by playing fantasy baseball over the last 12 years. He only finished 52nd in Diamond Challenge Points last year, but he finished in the top 50 with seven fantasy baseball teams in 2011, including teams in the Super Challenge, Mid-Season and Playoff contests.

When asked about his magical 2012 season, Mike said "I seemed to make all my moves at the perfect time. I bought Edwin Encarnation early and Carlos Beltran just before he got hot down the stretch". He picked up Mike Trout early also, and he got great production from Melky Cabrera before Cabrera's season came to a halt. Picking up Fernando Rodney in June helped his bullpen which also had Jason Motte and Jim Johnson. Other key players on Mike's winning team were Miguel Cabrera, Ryan Braun, Josh Hamilton and Albert Pujols. Madison Bumgarner, with 460 points, was his top scoring starting pitcher.

Not all of Mike's moves were the right ones though, and he admits dropping Steven Strasburg in June was a mistake. "With all the talk of his innings being limited and being dropped from the rotation, I reacted too soon", Mike confessed.

His team took over the first place spot in Mid-May, but it took consistent effort and careful managing to keep it there. He said he did some player scouting before the season began, as he was able to attend spring training in Arizona. "I had a good feel for Adonis Chapman", he recalled.

Mike plans to spend some of his winnings on a new car, and he plans to defend his title in 2013.
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