The Aaron Hornyak Story
2012 Football Challenge Roto $25,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Aaron Hornyak pulled off a rare double-win in CDM's Football Challenge. He won the 2012 Football Challenge Roto contest and the 2012 Super Challenge. Aaron was arguably one of the best fantasy football players on the planet in 2012! And, he won more than 38,000.00!

A seasoned veteran of fantasy football play, Aaron still recalls the first year that he played fantasy football and used Randall Cunningham, then a Minnesota Vikings quarterback, on his team. More than a decade later, the skills that he has developed are really paying off.

The Sylvania, Ohio native works for UPS during the week, and he spends a great deal of time on the weekends working on his fantasy football teams. "I usually spend 2-3 hours on Saturday afternoon and 5-6 hours late Saturday night or early Sunday morning going over injuries and analyzing player changes," Aaron remarked. "I really love it. I guess I'm a bit addicted to it, he confessed, and when the season is over, there's a little sigh of relief and also some depression until the new season starts." "The adrenaline rush I get from the last couple of weeks of the season is really something special" he exclaimed, "knowing one play could win or lose me $30,000.00"

Aaron spends every Sunday watching as many games as possible, while watching the live scoring on CDM's website. He doesn't have a favorite team, and he thinks it's better to play fantasy without a favorite team. "My favorites are the guys playing on my fantasy teams," he said.

It was the fourth quarter of the final game when Aaron knew 2012 would be a big year for him. "I had Tony Romo and the teams behind me had RG3. When Washington got the big lead, I thought RG3 would stop throwing the ball and Romo would continue to throw. Romo and Dez Bryant both helped a lot in that final game!" Key players on Aaron's teams were Cam Newton, Steve Ridley, Marshon Lynch, and Dez Bryant. His pick-up of Randall Cobb in week 2 was also a key move, as was buying Tony Romo before week 16 games to help with passing yards. Aaron is looking forward to the 2013 season and a chance to defend his titles!
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