The John Benner Story - 2011 Fantasy Cup $20,000 Grand Prize Winner!
It wasn't easy for John Benner to enjoy the end of the auto racing season, and it was probably more excitement than he needed. John had heart by-pass surgery two weeks before the final race, and he was still in the hospital with an infection on the final race day. So, he had his daughter bring her computer to the hospital, and he made changes to his JB Racing team hoping it wo uld be what he needed to win the $20,000 Cash Grand Prize.

After consulting with various doctors and nurses about his team that week, John decided that he better go with his i nstincts instead of their advice. He bought Jeff Gordon, A. J. Allmendinger and Dale Earnhardt Jr. to go with Carl Edwards, Kasey Ka hne, Tony Stewart, Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick. His team finished with 290 points, good for tops in his league and 25th overall for the week. But, the best news was that his team finish in that final race was just enough to move him from second to first place overall, earning him the $20,000 Fantasy Cup Cash Grand Prize by 1.31 points.

John's average score of 280.69 was just enough for his JB Racing team to nose out the Darkside Racing team which fin ished with a score of 279.38. John was the leader of the IRONHEAD4EVERII Clubhouse and led them to a 7th place finish among clubhou ses. And, best of all, the excitement was not too much for him. He's well on the road to recovery and looking forward to competing in Fantasy Cup Circuit 1 and 2 this year!

John has enjoyed competing in Fantasy Cup for eight years. He told us that he is still using the same strategy today as he did when he started, which means simply adjusting his team throughout the racing season to try to get the best drivers on his team while staying under the salary cap. He noted that he usually enters two teams and that he typically has many of the same driv ers on both teams. Fantasy auto racing is John's favorite fantasy sports game and, as his performance last year reflected, he knows auto racing quite well.
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