The Neal Bunn Story
2013 Baseball Super Challenge $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Last February, Neal Bunn's intuition led him to play Diamond Challenge Roto Baseball for the first time and that intuition paid off in a big way. Neal became the 2013 Baseball Super Challenge winner and pocketed $13,250.00 by playing Diamond Challenge Roto, Diamond Challenge Points and entering his teams in the Baseball Super Challenge.

His first-ever Diamond Challenge Roto team finished 9th overall, winning $2,250.00 in league, division and overall prizes, and his Points team finished 9th overall earning him another $1,000.00 in league prizes. Best of all, those two top 10 finishes enabled him to finish 1st overall in the Super Challenge, making him this year's $10,000.00 Grand Prize Winner in that contest!

Neal has been playing fantasy baseball for 17 years. His best previous finish was 5th overall in Diamond Challenge Points 2nd Season last year. He has had 8 top 100 finishes over the years, but he had never finished first in any fantasy baseball contest prior to this year. "I thought I might have had a shot at the Roto title this year" he exclaimed, "and with a week to go I needed big games out of Chris Sale and Matt Moore." But, it wasn't to be.

When asked about his 9th place finish in the Roto contest, Neal said he used the same basic strategy he uses in Points. "I like to use established guys and guys who have been hyped really high in the past, but haven't delivered," he said. "I prefer solid guys at every position rather than a stars and scrubs line-up." Players on his teams this year included Chris Davis, Matt Harvey, Carlos Santana, Evan Longoria, Hanley Ramirez, Shin-Soo Choo and Adam Jones. He did not have Yasiel Puig on either team!

Not all of Neal's moves were good ones. Picking up Brandon Beachy and Alex Wood turned out to be bad moves for him, and he dropped Greg Holland early on. "I seemed to play Strasburg at the wrong times," he recalled. "I played him during the last week when he did not start. I was worried that was really going to cost me!" "In the end, it came down to closers," he remarked." "I used the swing spot to try and catch up in saves. I'm not sure it helped because I lost strike outs," he observed. In the end, however, having David Price on his teams helped as Price's win the last day helped secured both finishes.

Neal plans to use some of his winnings for a new patio and to help support, an organization that is devoted to reaching out and helping children and adults in small communities. Many feel that Baseball Super Challenge winners are among the elite fantasy baseball players on the planet. It takes extra skill to excel in Roto and Point style formats during the same season. When asked for his advice, Neal suggested that the key element is patience. "I, like many others, seem to give up on players too soon," he said. "Who knows what might have happened if I had held on to Holland!"
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