The Scott Packer Story
2013 Tour Trade 2 $7,500 Grand Prize Winner!
Scott Packer had stopped playing fantasy golf in 2004 because it was too difficult with limited internet access to manage his team. But he remembered how much fun it was and decided to play again this year because "now it is something easy to do."

In Tour Trade 1 his team finished 221st overall, and in Tour Trade 2 his team, Eli's Coming, named after his nine year old son, finished first overall and earned him $8100. The free lance writer from Pacific Palisades, CA, says "The last 5-6 weeks the whole family was really excited."

When asked about his strategy, Scott shared that his initial team was very good and played well. He did not have a need to use a lot purchases early, and he didn't trust the guys leading after play on Fridays to win the tourney. Saving those purchases came in handy the last few weeks, as he was able to "play defense" and buy a couple guys the teams behind in the standing had that could have helped them catch up. His $1.7 million margin of victory kept him from being overly worried about being caught, but he still managed his team to get as much earnings from his golfers as possible. He also played attention to how some golfers did in the same tournaments the previous year, and some of his moves were made using that strategy.

Golfers who were key to his victory started with having Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed and Henrik Stenson on the starting roster. And an early buy of Roberto Castro helped him stay under the salary cap and be able to play his top golfers, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Dustin Johnson and Zach Johnson at the same time. "I felt the PGA Championship was the key to my victory", he exclaimed, "Being able to play all 5 of my top golfers."
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