The Bob Catsiroumpas Story
2013 Diamond Challenenge Points $25,000 Grand Prize Winner!
The 2013 Diamond Challenge Points winner, Bob Catsiroumpas, is still in a state of shock. When asked if he had any plans for his winnings, he said "Not yet, I didn't really think I'd win, it really hasn't sunk in yet."

The finish in this year's Points contest was one of the most exciting ever. Bob's "Curbing My Enthusiasm" team was trailing by 23 points after the regular season ended on Sunday, September 29th. But, the points that Bob's team earned in the one-game playoff between Texas and Tampa Bay the next day enabled him to overcome the deficit and elevated him to first place overall.

Bob had several players from Tampa Bay on his roster including Evan Longoria, Desmond Jennings, Wil Myers and David Price. They all produced a few points for him; but, in the end, it was David Price getting the victory that enabled Bob to come away with a 3 point victory and the $25,000.00 Grand Prize.

The 38 year old from London Ontario, won another $2,000.00 by winning his Premiere League. As someone who has been playing for over 10 years and had finished second in Budget Baseball last year, Bob was really excited about finishing on top this year for the first time. "Usually the last month of the baseball season is kind of boring for me," he recalled, "and I'm not usually into it. The Blue Jays are usually already out of it. But, this year it was exciting all the way to the last pitch!"

Bob also plays fantasy football and basketball. He says his strategy is to use veteran players mixed with young players with potential. Some of his key young players in this year's Points contest were Matt Harvey, Matt Moore, Paul Goldschmidt, and Greg Holland. "A lot of teams didn't have them in the beginning and they helped get me off to a good start," he said. His key pick-ups included Yasiel Puig, David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez and Wil Myers who provided the extra points that he needed to get to the finish line.
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