The Dave Petroziello Story
2013 Diamond Challenge Roto $50,000 Grand Prize Winner!
The 2013 Diamond Challenge Roto winner, Dave Petroziello, believes that his initial roster may be the primary reason why he won big this year. "I had a lot of good picks on my initial roster," he said, "and Carlos Gomez, Starling Marte and Dominic Brown came up big." "I also had Adam Wainwright and Matt Harvey from the beginning," he emphasized, "and they were players that other teams didn't have."

Dave's "Petro DC version 2" team won $53,000.00 in league, division and overall prizes. As the team name might suggest, Dave decided to try 3 different teams this year so that he could try several different strategies. "I probably would not have won if I didn't do the extra teams this year," he surmised. "I also want to give some credit to all the BBS posters. They helped keep me focused."

It wasn't just his initial roster that vaulted him to the top. Some key purchases during the season were really beneficial as well. Dave picked up David Price in July, and he made a big difference with ERA and WHIP. And, Dave's purchase of Kenley Jansen in June was instrumental. "Perhaps the biggest mistake I made was not buying Greg Holland," he said. "I thought about it a couple of times, but just couldn't pull the trigger," he recalled. "Not making that move could have cost me."

"It was an overwhelming experience winning this year, even more so than in 2011," Dave remarked. "The last week of the season was really mind blowing. I was sweating it out every day, and I was really happy I had Evan Longoria."

Dave first started playing Diamond Challenge in 1995 when he entered The Sporting News Fantasy Baseball Challenge (which later became known as Diamond Challenge Roto). Over the years, he has had several top 100 finishes.

Dave says he might use some of his winnings for a down payment on a house. The Scranton, Pennsylvania warehouse worker and Fantasy Sports Hall of Famer said that he is already thinking about next year and can't wait to see the 2014 salaries.

Here are the stats for Dave's 2013 winning team:

.299 BA116 Wins
1623 RUNS164 Saves
1574 RBI1933 SO
467 HR2.6006 ERA
293 SB1.0346 WHIP
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