The Vlad Sedler Story
2013 Football Super Challenge $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
It's been a long time coming, but Vlad Sedler can now claim the title of "The Best Fantasy Football Player On The Planet!" Vlad has been playing CDM games for over 12 years, and he is well known to other fantasy players on CDM's BBS. "I always hoped I would do it in baseball, but I'm thrilled to have won and to have finally made it into the CDM Hall Of Fame," he said.

The winner of CDM's Fantasy Football Super Challenge must demonstrate skill at playing Roto and Point-style scoring games. Vlad's "Employ and Destroy" Super Challenge entry had teams that finished 10th in the Football Challenge Point-Style game and 15th in the Football Challenge Roto-Style game. The combined ranking of those teams earned him the $10,000.00 Super Challenge cash grand prize, and those teams separately earned him another $4,875.00.

The 34 year old from Los Angeles, California didn't have Chicago's Matt Forte on his Points team. He needed Forte to have a low key game but Forte ended up scoring 3 touchdowns and Vlad fell to 2nd place in the Super Challenge standings heading into the final game of the season. Luckily, touchdowns from Philadelphia's LeSean McCoy and Dallas' Dez Bryant in the season's finale vaulted Vlad back into first place. Plus Vlad did have Forte on his Roto team that squeaked out league and division wins and finished 15th overall.

Key second half pickups for Vlad included Nick Foles, Zac Stacy and DeMarco Murray. Vlad notes that adding Josh Gordon in week 4 and playing Rueben Randle at the right time so he produced 515 receiving yards, 6 touchdowns and a 14.7 average for his team were important factors to keep his stats high all year.

Part of Vlad's strategy was to play the percentages. "I like to have a lot of the players who would be taken in the first two rounds of most drafts," he remarked. "I like having the studs. Jamaal Charles was a key player for me also, as most people didn't have him to start. This year I also had a great receiving core".

Vlad's team name, Employ and Destroy, is something that just came to mind while thinking about fantasy sports one day. "Employ the players that destroy the competition," he said. "That's what my team is supposed to do!"

Vlad has some exciting plans for some of the winnings. "It's time to ask that special girl to spend the rest of her life with me," he exclaimed. Congratulations Vlad!
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