The Shaun Reeb Story
2013 Football Challenge Roto $25,000 Grand Prize Winner!
This year's Grand Prize Winner in the longest running roto-style football contest on the planet is not a priest, preacher or a reverend. But, he named his team "The Reverend" anyway, and The Reverend scored big by winning the $25,000.00 cash grand prize in the Football Challenge contest.

Going into the last week of the regular season, Shaun Reeb's "The Reverend" team was in second place overall. As he pondered his lineup choices, he had just one buy left. "Rushing average seemed like the best opportunity to pick up some points, and I thought Matt Forte has a chance at a big game," he remarked. As it turned out, he was right! Forte rushed for 110 yards, averaging 5.0 yards per carry, just enough to move the needle. "As I watched the last game, I knew I needed something out of Dez Bryant and needed DeSean Jackson to have a bad game. When Bryant scored that touchdown late in the game, I was pretty confident I had won."

The 38 year old manufacturing engineer who resides just outside Cincinnati, Ohio said it was exciting all the way to the end. Entering that final week, he knew it would be hard to move up. When asked about the key players on his team, he emphasized that having Josh Gordon and LeSean McCoy from the first day really helped. "I played a lot guys at the right times and benched Calvin Johnson when the injuries slowed him down," he observed. Part of his strategy was having studs at QB and no cheap receivers. "RBs seem like interchangeable parts, and I paid attention to Kicker Scoring," he revealed.

Shaun has been playing fantasy football since 1998, and he has had his share of league wins and top 50 finishes overall. Married with two small children, Shaun plans to use some of his $28,100.00 in cash winnings on home remodeling and college tuition. When asked about the significance of his team name, The Reverend, Shaun says it's in reference to the lead singer in his favorite band, Tool's Maynard James Keenan. Rock On Shaun!
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