The Harold Harding Story
2013 Hockey Challenge - Grand Prize Winner!
This year's grand prize winner in CDM Sports' Hockey Challenge Contest became a hockey fan while growing up in Trenton, New Jersey in the 60's. Back then, however, he never imagined that the most exciting week he would ever have as a hockey fan would come after he retired to Florida!

Harold Harding's "Red Light District" team in the Hockey Challenge Contest won one of the closest finishes ever. The final margin of victory for Harold was just .4 points.

"I've been playing CDM games since 2001," Harold remarked. "This is a very enjoyable experience." Harold did pretty well in some other CDM fantasy contests over the years, as he finished third in the Supreme Pool in 2002 and second in Fantasy Cup Circuit 1 in 2003. But, neither of those finishes compared to the thrill of winning Hockey Challenge this year. "You have to be a little lucky to win an overall championship," he exclaimed. "So many bad things were happening the last week, and I feel really lucky I held on."

When asked about the keys to his victory, he said winger Joe Pavelski from San Jose was a major key. "Not a lot of teams had him, and he scored a lot of points for my team after I acquired him," Harold emphasized. "I think he made the most difference of anyone." Other key players for Harold were Tyler Seguin, Patrick Sharp, Jamie Benn and Victor Hedman. Part of his strategy included playing players that had the most games in the beginning of the season and then looking at the match-ups to get the right players towards the end. Harold observed that he "dropped a few players a little too soon, but everything turned out alright."

"I can't say enough about the posters on the BBS", Harold commented. "They are a real class act. CDM is the gold standard in fantasy sports games, and I really appreciate being able to play their games."

Now that Harold is retired, he believes that the games are great for helping to keep him sharp. "They really help with my free time," he remarked. "I love playoff hockey. The playoff games give me an extra reason to watch!"

Harold will use a portion of the $10,700.00 that he won to visit his grandkids. He noted that "it's always nice to have a couple extra bucks when you're retired."
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