The Andy Estes Story
2011 Football Challenge Points $20,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Andy Estes could hardly sleep on January 1st. And, it wasn't because of all the partying on New Year's Eve! Andy wa s excited because he had just jumped from 8th overall to 1st overall to win the Football Challenge Points contest and the $20,000.00 Cash Grand Prize.

Andy's Kentucky Rebels team had eked out a 13 point victory over the Monkey King's team. It was an improbable victor y given that he needed to jump 7 teams after week 16. He didn't think he had much of a chance going into week 17, but he managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when Hakeem Nicks caught a touchdown pass with 3:46 left in the Sunday night game January 1st against Dallas. The Nicks catch vaulted Andy to the top.

Andy, who is an HVAC temperature control expert, observed that it's a whole lot easier to manage the temperature in a house or office than it is to manage a fantasy football team! Week 17 of the Contest posed some particularly difficult player sel ection choices for him. With some of the top teams already having clinched playoff berths, it was questionable which premiere player s would play in those week 17 games and, even if they played, it was a challenge to estimate how long they would play.

So, for week 17, Andy went with some players many of his Football Challenge competitors didn't use. For example, And y took Matt Stafford (520 yards passing and 5 touchdowns) and Jordy Nelson (162 yards receiving and 3 touchdowns). "I had to play J ordy and I would have played Mike Wallace," Andy said, "but he wouldn't fit under the cap. Sometimes things just work out!"

Other key moves during the contest that Andy felt contributed to his victory were picking up Drew Brees in week 12 a nd using Julio Jones. Andy remarked, "I kept Julio on my bench until week 11, but he came through when I needed him and no one else of the top teams had him." And, unlike many teams, Andy did not have super fantasy pick Giants' WR Victor Cruz on his team. Andy no ted, "He would have made things easier, but I didn't have a buy to spare on him."

Andy's Football Challenge Points victory helped Andy to place 2nd in the Football Super Challenge, earning him anoth er $2,500.00. And, Andy capped off a really good fantasy football season by finishing 56th in Football Challenge Roto.

With his 1st place finish, Andy became a rare two-time overall champion. He previously won the 2008 Football Challe nge Points contest. When asked about any differences between his victories in 2008 and 2011, Andy said, "I had a pretty big lead fo r 6 weeks in 2008, and it would have been devastating if I wouldn't have won. This year came as a total surprise, because I didn't t hink I had a chance to win."

Andy used some of his winnings this year to take his wife to Las Vegas and enjoyed a few days of living large at the Bellagio. He and his wife also plan to take a cruise. Andy said of the trips, "If I take my wife on trips with my winnings, she's a lot more understanding about the time I use playing fantasy football."
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