The Steve Weisberg Story
2013 Basketball Challenge $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Steve Weisberg has been playing the Basketball Challenge for over 15 years and winning was on his bucket list. Winning the Challenge and the $10,000.00 cash grand prize this year was a special birthday present for the marine biologist from Southern California who celebrated his 60th birthday the day after the season ended!

Steve's strategy was to start with the best players, even if the early schedule didn't favor them. As a result, his "Best Guess" team was able to get through the early part of the season without using a lot of "burns", allowing him to make some key purchases near the end to fill out stat categories: Joakim Noah for assists at the center position, Kyle Lowry for three pointers, Al Jefferson for two pointers and Thaddeus Young for steals. Another key to victory was "paying attention to your elders, such as following the Hammy Rules," Steve said emphatically! The Hammy Rules, known by players who have been playing for many years, includes "putting as much thought into the player you are dropping as the player you are adding" and "not using a burn on a surprise player until he proves himself for at least 3 weeks (Vitor Faverani anyone?)".

Steve led the pack for the last eight weeks of the Basketball Challenge which is pretty unusual. "There is typically a lot of change at the top spot near the end of the contest, so I was never comfortable with the lead," Steve remarked. Steve had reason for his concern. In 2006, his team was in 4th place going into the last week, and he finished 26th because many of his players were rested ahead of the playoffs.

Steve loved the new mid-week switch option that was added by CDM Sports this year as a way to lessen the effect of injuries early in the week. His strategy on mid-week switches was to "save them until it was worth it." "I wanted to get at least 2 additional games from each switch," he said. "That meant using them only for someone who was injured." Steve observed that the mid-week switch was "a great addition to the game and took away a lot of the frustration." But, he was really happy when he had used them all. As he explained, "Friday night is date night with my wife, and I was always sneaking off to check for injuries before the deadline. After I had used them all, I could just relax and enjoy dinner!"
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