The Alan Kuzell Story
2014 Tour Trade 2 Grand Prize Winner!
"Do your homework" was the advise of Alan Kuzell, the 2014 Tour Trade 2 winner and words you would expect from a retired teacher!

Alan led Tour Trade 2 wire-to-wire, taking over the top spot with his results from the HP Byron Nelson Championship in mid-May, through the Tour Championship in Mid-September, covering all 19 weeks of the contest. But it wasn't a sure thing he would win, and it took a good buy with his last purchase to assure his victory. That purchase was Billy Horschel, who won the last tournament, and Horschel's $1,440,000 for winning allowed Kuzell to win by $360,406.

"There was a lot of excitement the last week", Kuzell exclaimed. With about 5 weeks to go, Kuzell looked at the roster of the top teams and formulated a strategy to keep on top. "The tough week was the Deutsche Bank Championship" he recalled, "because it starts on Friday and you had to finalize your roster on Saturday morning, so you're not sure who will make the cut.

I decided to buy Keegan Bradley and Webb Simpson, who were leading because a lot of the teams behind me had them. Neither finished that well, but the strategy still paid off." And its not always the players that win a lot of money that are important to your team he suggested. Brooks Koepka was valuable because of his salary, and allowed me to play more of the top players!

Alan says CDM fantasy teams have been a major part of his life the last 15 years. "I really enjoy them, and they keep me busy" Alan started playing in the mid 90's, and plays baseball, football, basketball and golf. He's had some success, winning Tour Trade 1 in 2004 and Budget Basketball in 2013. He's had a lot of top 50 finishes, which keeps his wife from giving him too much grief. "If I go for a long period without doing well, she gets on my case", he said.

"It's been 10 years since my last golf championship" he remarked, "so I should be good for a while now."
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