The John Stolzmann Story
2014 Football Super Challenge Grand Prize Winner!
John Stolzmann had a pretty good teacher to help him with his Football Challenge Roto and Point teams, his dad Steve. Many long time players will remember seeing his Dad's team, Stolz on the leader boards in the 90's. "My team was listed in the Sporting News for being in the top 10 a lot back in the 90's" Steve recounted when interviewed with his son for this story. John and his dad talked every week during this past football season about strategy and which players to use. "It's a real bonding experience for us" John suggested, "We live so far apart, it gives us a real good reason to talk each week." John says his dad is a little stronger on the Roto side, and he's stronger on the Points side, so the combined effort was an important part to the Super Challenge team victory.

And victory it was this year as John finished first and second in the Football Super Challenge, the contest that proves who is the best fantasy football player on the planet!. He paired his teams well with his 3rd finishing points team was paired with his 5th finishing roto team, and his 4th place overall finishing points team paired with his 15th finishing roto team. They thought they had a chance to win with 3 weeks to go, and focused more on the points teams than the Roto. "We didn't think we could gain much in Roto because our average categories were pretty well locked" John realized, "but we thought we could make up some points in the Point game".

Some key players who were on both teams were early pick ups of CJ Anderson and Mark Sanchez. They were late on Odell Beckham Jr. and Justin Forsett, but both made all their rosters also. On the Roto side, Le'Veon Bell was instrumental, and on the Points side, Russell Wilson and Jordy Nelson were key players. The strategy for the two games had several differences, "In the points game, you could use the least expensive kickers" John offered, "but on the roto side you need to invest in a couple of the better ones. In points it's a matter of selecting the best players, but in Roto you have to have balance on your team." Both John and his dad had a different opinion on how to use purchases. Steve's strategy is to keep the moves and use them for injuries and when you need them, John's strategy is to use them early for players that look like they will be the best this year. John says the research pages on the CDM website is good for seeing who is being used, and credits Ian Allen's information on Fantasy Football Index as one of his main sources for research.

John's total winnings from his 4 teams that were part of his two Super Challenge teams was $20,580. The professional poker player from Las Vegas plans to use some of his winning on a trip to Germany with his wife. John has flirted with winning the Football Challenge Points contest, finishing 3rd and 4th this year, 6th in 2013, and had a 3rd place finish in Mid-Season points in 2012. "It's just a matter of time" John says, "my goal is win the overall, hopefully next year!"
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