The Brent Dewald Story
2011 Football Challenge Roto $25,000 Grand Prize Winner!
The 2011 Football Challenge Roto winner, Brent Dewald, is anything but a novice at playing fantasy sports contests. However, before his first place finish in 2011, he had never even finished in the top 5 in any fantasy contest. In fact, Brent's hig hest previous finish had been 19th in a fantasy football contest way back in 1998.

As Brent watched Matthew Stafford pile up over 500 yards and five touchdowns against Green Bay on the final day of t he 2011 football season, Brent had a sinking feeling because Stafford was on Brent's bench. "I saw a weather report predicting 40 mp h winds in Green Bay and figured it would affect his average and accuracy on the deep ball. Frickin lying weatherman!" Brent exclaim ed.

But, as it worked out on that final day, leaving Stafford on the sidelines didn't prevent Brent from rising to the t op. With one purchase left going into that final week, Brent had taken Maurice Jones-Drew, and the Jacksonville running back put Bre nt's team over the top by producing 169 yards and a 6.8 yards per carry average in the Jags' final game of the season. Brent really needed that help in the rushing yards and rushing yards average categories, and he got it. Brent stressed that "having that final bu y was really a big help" and that while "everyone thought 16 buys were too many, in hindsight that wasn't nearly enough."

The Milwaukee resident and Packer/Charger fan scored big with overall, division, league, and field cash prizes total ing $27,400 from the Roto contest. His overall win was by the narrow margin of 23.5 points.

Brent's best friend got him playing fantasy football back in the 1990's when team reports were being mailed to custo mers. He noted that he has always been most comfortable with roto scoring as opposed to points scoring.

As a firefighter, husband, and Dad, Brent admits that finding time for fantasy sports has been a little tougher thes e days. So, instead of playing fantasy basketball, baseball, and football, as he did in the past, he now primarily focuses on fantas y baseball and football.

Here are the stats for Brent's 2011 winning team:

Passing Yards15,036
Passing Avg.8.248
Rushing Yards9,295
Rushing Avg.4.781
Receiving Yards13,386
Receiving Avg.13.631
Kicker Scoring431
Total Scoring1,753
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