The Sergey Galant's Story
2015 Football Challenge - Points Grand Prize Winner!
Sergey Galant's Oklahoma Bears Take 2015 Football Challenge Points Title.

The 37 year old CPA, who works as a financial analyst for a nation-wide retail chain, had an exciting last day of the 2015 NFL season. With neither his team or Kentucky Rebels, who was right on his tail, having anybody from Vikings-Packers game that night, the key game for deciding the championship ended up being San Diego - Denver in the afternoon. With Denver up 27-20 and a couple of minutes left, Sergey needed the Denver defense to hold on and get him the 5 points. Sergey exclaimed, "Every time Rivers dropped back to pass, I'd just stop breathing! Luckily, the Denver D held, and I stayed in front." Sergey's margin of victory was 1.2 points, one of closest in the history of the game.

When asked who were some of his key players, He responded "Unquestionably, Cam." Having him at low % since week 11 was the difference. Ironically, I'm not the biggest fan of his in real life, but you can't play favorites in fantasy sports!" Other key moves were holding onto initially under-performing Jonathan Stewart and Latavius Murray, plus picking up Allen Robinson and Todd Gurley at the right time. His top point producing players were Tom Brady, Antonio Brown and Greg Olsen.

When asked about his strategy, Sergey said, "Just general principles: 1) Be smart with your purchases, seek out LASTING value. 2) Be cognizant of ownership levels and identify smart ways to be contrarian in burning. Otherwise, just start best players with best match-ups!"

When asked if he had any special plans for his $21,010 winnings, he said "My rental unit had some mold issues, so some of the money went there. Also, my 5-year old got to enjoy a trip to Disney World for the first time. The remaining funds will stay on the account as a constant reminder to my lovely wife that it's OK to let her dorky husband stare at that darn computer all Sunday morning!"
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