The Steve Calloway Story
2011 Football Super Challenge $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Steve Calloway jumped on the chance to win big by entering teams in both the Roto and Point Football Challenge Conte sts. He knew that he probably wouldn't have to finish first in either of those contests to win the $10,000.00 Super Challenge Cash G rand Prize, and he was right.

First prize in the Super Challenge is based on the overall ranking of a fantasy player's teams in Roto and Points. A lthough Steve finished just 34th in Roto and 10th in Points, those finishes were high enough to make him the winner of the 2011 Supe r Challenge Contest.

It takes extra focus and skill to excel in two, season-long fantasy football contests and win the Super Challenge. S teve, a semi-retired real estate broker from Wisconsin, proved that he was up to the task. "It's hard to find a really good fantasy football game" said Steve, "and I'm really impressed with this game and how quickly I was paid."

Steve has played some fantasy baseball as well, but his first place finish in Super Challenge has been his best fini sh in any fantasy sports contest. Steve observed that one of the keys to his success was building his whole line-up using both the s tarting roster and taxi squad. Steve commented that, "saving a purchase in case somebody gets hurt also helps, because it always hap pens. And, your very first taxi squad line-up going into week 1 can be the difference between winning and losing!"

Steve has been playing Roto and Points contests for 8 or 9 years, and he found the last week of the season to be esp ecially challenging. "With all the players on teams that already had their playoff spots fixed, it made it really difficult to figur e out who to play that last week" he said.

Steve is already looking forward to next football season. He said that he "can't wait until next year to again have the best fantasy football experience ever...CDM Sports!"
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