The Robert Stewart Story
2011 Hockey Challenge $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
For as long as he can remember, Robert Stewart has been a hockey fan and has been perfecting his fantasy hockey skil ls. In fact, for more than a decade, he has been fine tuning his winning strategies, and his efforts really paid off this year. The Cawston, British Columbia resident is the 2012 CDM Sports Hockey Challenge overall winner and is a little richer now after collectin g a $10,000.00 cash grand prize.

Robert, along with his cousin, Geordie, admittedly spent many long hours on player selection for his winning "Ridge Runners" team. "Three players that were key to the victory", said Robert, "were Michael Del Zotto, Jonathan Quick and Sidney Crosby; Del Zotto, because I was one of the few players that had him on my team and he was great for his salary; Quick, because not that m any had him and he had a great year; and Crosby, because I kept him on my bench and had him to use at the end when he came back." T he use of Del Zotto was particularly strategic. "I've noticed over the years that many players who struggle bounce back the followi ng year", Robert said, "and Del Zotto was one of those players".

Robert emphasized that paying close attention to the games being played every week, along with managing his purchase s very carefully, were a couple of the keys to his success this year.

When he's not playing fantasy hockey and following his favorite hockey teams, Robert keeps busy as the owner of a fr uit orchard located about fifteen miles from the U.S. border. He grows apples and pears on 40 acres when he's not playing fantasy ho ckey.

As for his Hockey Challenge winnings this year, he said that he plans to use some of the cash to take his wife on a nice holiday.
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