The Brad Altschuld Story
2012 Basketball Challenge $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Brad Altschuld is a fantasy sports veteran, having played in hundreds of games. Full Season, 2nd Season, Mid-Season , Playoff, you name it, he's played it and in almost every sport. So, you can imagine his euphoria when he won the 2011-12 Basketba ll Challenge to claim his first Overall Championship and the $10,000.00 cash grand prize. "Knowing you won", exclaimed Brad, "is th e best feeling you can have."

When he isn't playing fantasy sports, the 32-year old runs an on-line ticket business. He has been playing fantasy s ports since the early 90's, and he's had many league winners, a 4th place finish in Playoff Basketball, and a couple of top 200 fini shes. He's had some decent teams, but never a great one... until this year's basketball team.

Brad really did his research for his Edison Koala team this year. "I usually follow Rotoworld to get daily informat ion, but this year I decided to go a step further," Brad remarked. "I decided to follow all of the reporters for all of the NBA tea ms via Twitter this year," he revealed "and I used the app." "I knew what was happening with all of the players all of the t ime."

Brad conserved his purchases for those critical times when he needed them, and he maintained his lead every day for the last 3 weeks of the contest. He liked the Memphis Grizzlies' schedule for the last few weeks of the season, so he bought Marc G asol and Rudy Gay for the stretch run. His last purchase, which he used to pick up Chris Paul, also paid big dividends.

Brad's early season buy of Jeremy Lin was one of the keys to his victory. "I bought him a week before most everyone else did and he had a really big week. That gave me a nice boost," Brad explained. Although the standings tightened up towards th e end of the contest, Brad knew that he had a team that could win. "The last week I looked at the teams close to me and charted out their players and mine," he remarked. "I knew I would win. I even told a waitress at my favorite restaurant the night before!"

As his biggest fan and supporter, Brad's mom, Carla, has been watching her son play fantasy sports for over a decade . Together, the two of them celebrated his victory at Atlantic City restaurant, which is about 70 miles from their Long Branch, New Jersey home.
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