The Dwight Creasman Story
2012 Tour Trade 1 $5,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Dwight Creasman has always been a sports fan. His enthusiasm for sports includes golf and, after winning Tour Trade 1 and the $5.000.00 cash grand prize this Spring, that enthusiasm is unlikely to wane anytime soon!

The Olive Branch Mississippi resident has been a teacher and coach in the Memphis, Tennessee area for over 20 years. He coaches football, soccer and basketball, but when it comes time to focus on fantasy sports, his favorite choice is golf. "It tak es some time to do the research and know the players" Dwight remarked, "but I enjoy watching the tournaments". Dwight had one finis h in the top ten of the Tour Trade contest prior to this year, and he's won his league several times.

Watching the final round of the Masters Golf Tournament this year was particularly exciting for Dwight and his wife. The overall standings were really bunched up. "I told her on Saturday that I had a chance" he said, "and I told her what players we needed to be rooting for as we watched on Sunday". Dwight used his bonus pick on Fred Couples, and Couples rewarded him with $15 6,800 in winnings. Dwight finished that Sunday with $3,682,400 in winnings, 4th best in Tour Trade for that week.

The winning margin for Dwight's Bermuda Greens team was $814,756, thanks in part to Bubba Watson and Louis Oosthuize n. Both golfers had strong rounds. In addition, Dwight's late pick up of Tiger Woods for the Arnold Palmer Tournament and picking u p Hunter Mahan for the Accenture Tournament were keys to his victory and his big pay day.

Occasionally, Dwight plays fantasy contests other than golf, including auto racing and playoff football. He's been p laying fantasy sports since the early 2000's, and he said that his victory makes up for all those years of trying.

Dwight noted that he plays real golf on the weekends. With the cash from his recent victory, he can now afford a few extra rounds each year and know that he ranks among those select few who have taken their knowledge of golf to another level!
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