The Ronald Barnett Story - 2012 Fantasy Cup $10,000 Grand Prize Winner!
Fantasy Cup 2012 Circuit 1 is over and one long-time Fantasy Cup participant, Ronald Barnett, is $10,000.00 richer. Ron has always been a big racing fan, and he has been playing Fantasy Cup contests for more than 15 years.

Ron dominated the Fantasy Cup Circuit 1 contest this year, and it came as a surprise to the fantasy racing veteran. Although he had won a few leagues over the years, and even had an 8th place overall finish just a few years ago, he had never previously finished in the top 5 in any contest. So, vaulting to a 1st place finish this year was unexpected.

When asked how his MATTPACK team managed to have such a spectacular run in Circuit 1 this year, Ron downplayed his years of experience and replied simply, "I guess I made better guesses this time." Ron's team got off to a quick start at the beginning of the Contest. He was 1st overall for a total of 13 weeks, and he held on to 1st for all of the last 8 weeks of the Contest. His team never fell further than 12th overall, and he had three weeks with more than 300 points. Ron picked the winner of a weekly race 9 times, and he had 4 weeks when at least 7 of his 8 drivers finished no worse than 12th overall.

So, who were the drivers that led his MATTPACK team to victory? Five of the drivers were on his team for the first week and for the last week: Carl Edwards, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle and Kevin Harvick.

The 53 year old utilities specialist said he didn't have a favorite driver anymore. "I used to have favorite drivers," he said. But, his experiences playing fantasy racing have changed the way he views the contests now. Ron observed that, "I'd hate to be watching my favorite driver and not have him on my team. Each week is like a 3 1/2 hour horse race, and I don't want to be rooting for just one guy."

He has no big plans to immediately spend his total cash winnings of $10,300.00. "I'm just happy CDM is still operating these games, and I really like playing," he said. "I'm looking forward to Circuit 2, and winning again."
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